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This  set of resistance bands helps you get a full body work out. Change from one exercise to another while changing the band resistance. Excellent for working out at home. Improve your strength, physical mobility, and flexibility with the 5 varying resistance levels

Made of the highest quality and eco-friendly natural latex, which is extremely durable and will maintain their resistance for a long time. These bands are perfect for resistance toning your legs, butt, chest, biceps, triceps, and more!

Caution: If you are a beginner or rehabilitating , start with low resistance bands

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Package Included: 11 In Kit For Resistance Bands Set

1 x Yellow Band - Extra Light ( 10 lbs  )

1 x Green Band - Light ( 15 lbs )

1 x Red Band - Medium ( 20 lbs )

1 x Blue Band - Heavy ( 25 lbs )

1 x Black Band - Extra Heavy ( 30 lbs )

2 x Ankle Straps Guide

2 x Handle

1 x Door Anchor

1 x Carrying Bag






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11-Piece Fitness Resistance Bands Set
$27.99 $39.99